World Forex – $10 or $20 No-Deposit

No-Deposit Bonus from World Forex

Period: Jan - Dec 2023

Bonus: $10 or $25 No-deposit

Available to: New Clients except from Indonesia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Egypt, Algeria, India, Morocco, South Africa, Nigeria, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Yemen, Cameroon, Angola, Tanzania, Malawi, Afghanistan, Kenya, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq.

How to Get: Open a new account and verify it. Request the bonus from the client cabinet / automatically or request by email.

Withdrawal Terms: Only profit can be withdrawn.

Get Bonus: ✓ World Forex – $10 or $20 No-Deposit

World Forex – $10 or $20 No-Deposit Detail:
  1. A bonus-voucher can be credited to any type of a trading account from the list of the accounts available for opening in the Company.
  2. A bonus can only be credited under condition that a Client has a verified telephone number.
  3. A bonus-voucher can be credited as a rewarding prize for taking part in the Company’s contests, special offers and as well as in the other events run by the Company. Fulfillment of the conditions for receiving a bonus-voucher in each particular case can be additionally stipulated within the frame of such event.
  4. A bonus-voucher is not subject to withdrawal, except as otherwise provided by the additional conditions stated in paragraph 8.3.
  5. The funds received by crediting a bonus-voucher can only be used for trading with the products offered by the Company.
  6. The profit derived resulting from using bonus-voucher funds can be withdrawn in any amount.
  7. The Company is entitled to refuse withdrawal of the profit resulted from using bonus-voucher funds to the banking details stated by the Client in a request to withdraw funds. Therewith, the Company is obliged to provide the possibility for funds withdrawal through such payment methods and to such payment systems, which the Company considers, upon own discretion, to be practicable for funds withdrawal.
  8. The Company has the right not to accrue or to annul charges at annual interest rate (IR), received by using bonus finds.
  9. The company is entitled to request a Client, if such required, to submit any identification document that can verify the Client’s identity, or address of residence according to the Company’s AML (anti-money laundering) policy.

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Bonus will automaticly credit in your MT5 account when you are deposit. No limits. You can start anytime, all account with no minimum deposit....
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