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Prof-FX.com is a free site that helps forex traders, investors, beginners and professionals keep current with developments in the forex market. Whether you want to know what a pip is or are a seasoned scalper researching technical indicators, we have the answers you need. And, best of all, it’s free!

That’s free to ask download, free to search, free to read, free to preview, without the hide-behind-registration pages and scammy google-cloaking tactics of other websites. No salespeople and no JavaScript windows asking for your credit card dropping down and blocking the answer. You can register if you want to track your download history, or share goodies with colleagues (and keep us very happy!), but otherwise, it’s just free.

Prof-FX.com is as easy as pie to use. We have spent untold hours developing fresh, new forex-related content and assigning “tags” or “keywords” to this content. No confusing, hierarchical directory structures for us. No way! It is as frictionless and painless to use as we could make it. We believe finding the right answer to your forex questions should be as easy as possible – and maybe even a little fun along the way.

So What? Who cares? Isn’t this just like all the other Investing websites?

Well, it is – and it isn’t. Our terms and articles cover anything and everything forex, so you don’t need to click through pages of financial content to find the forex section. Prof-FX.com is solely committed to delivering you impartial content that is easy to understand, specific to forex and free. This doesn’t mean we don’t cover peripheral investing concepts like stocks and bonds, but it does mean that we look at those topics as they relate to you, the forex investor, trader or curious reader.

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