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10 Reasons To Choose Forex
No hidden fees or commissions - No middlemen - A 24-hour market - Much less complicated then stocks - Leverage - High Liquidity

What Beginners Need To Aware Of In Forex Market
Every trader who enters the foreign exchange market comes with the mindset that he will make a lot of profit in this market. There is nothing wrong with this mindset, but there are few things of which must be aware of. That is true that rewards in this market are huge, but the other truth is that making successful trade is not an easy thing to accomplish....

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Gold vs. The Fed in 1970's

There were no worldwide financial crises of major magnitude during the Bretton Woods era (1947 to 1971), proving that Gold and Free Markets are a mor…

Commodities Trading – What is That?

Forex trading will not be separated from the influence of  commodities . Since it is very important commodity forex trading, then you at least unders…

30-pips-a-day FX Strategies

The 30-pips-a-day strategy is a method for trading that is typically used with currency pairs that are known for their volatility, such as GBP/JPY. T…

Strategies Reversals using 1-2-3-4

The 1-2-3-4 reversal chart pattern is composed of four distinct points, labeled as points 1, 2, 3, and 4. This pattern is typically identified follow…

150 MA Crossover FX Strategies

The focus of this strategy is to identify trends and determine appropriate entry points through the use of Moving Averages. Long-term averages are em…

5 Methods for Identifying Support & Resistance Levels

Resistance and support levels are essential for any trader as they establish the boundaries in which a currency pair will fluctuate and cause sudden …
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