Market Hours

On the forex trading market, traders enjoy the freedom of trading anytime, as this is open all round the clock. Traders can trade during the normal business hours, either after work or even at those odd timings.

Even through its open 24 hours, but the price actions are not always same and may sometimes shine and at other times slump. The trading day brings in varying activities in different currency pairs. It is thus crucial to understand the chief trading sessions that can help a trader in predicting the activity over definite time durations.

The 24-hour forex market can thus be broken into four manageable trading sessions.

Usefull Articles:

  • Forex Market is a Three Session Trading Market
    The 24-hour accessibility may prove beneficial for traders, both individual as well as institutional, but as a coin has two sides, even this has certain drawbacks. Traders cannot remain glued to the screen all this time, which may lead to missed opportunities and even worse.
  • Strategy for Trading During the Asian Session
    It is quite obvious that your trading actions must be adapted to the session when you trade. Today, we will discover the secrets of trading during the Asian trading hours. We recommend you to implement it around the start of the Tokyo trading session (00:00 GMT time).
  • Find the Best Time to Trade Forex with These Market
    The start of trading is marked by the opening of the Sydney market on a Monday and it ends when the New York session closes on a Friday. In between, traders are able to enter and exit forex trades whenever they want to, as there is a seamless transition from one market session to another.
  • Monitor The Forex Market : The 24 Hours Cycle
    Monitoring what is happening throughout the day in the Forex market is much more difficult than monitoring what is happening in the U.S. stock market, for instance, because the Forex market never sleeps. There is no opening or closing bell. Trading activity simply follows the sun as it moves from one financial center to the next around the globe.
  • How to choose the best time for daily Forex Trading
    With the popularity of the internet, most traders and investors can trade currencies from any part of the world at any trading zone, twenty fours daily in some of the best currencies. The three top currencies traded amongst traders are the USD, EUR and JPY. Investing in these currencies is carried out 24 hours a day.

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