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Mrs. Watanabes

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Definition – What does Mrs. Watanabes mean?

Mrs. Watanabes is a slang term to refer to the large number of Japanese housewives who have taken up currency trading. Japanese households have some of the largest savings in the world, making the activity of these women a force on the global market. Japanese traders have long been a powerhouse in forex, but the Mrs. Watanabes are unique in that they tend to trade part-time while carrying out day-to-day domestic chores. The Mrs. Watanabes are also referred to as the Japanese housewives.

ForexTerms explains Mrs. Watanabes

Watanabe is one of the most common family names in Japan, so referring to the Japanese housewives as Mrs. Watanabes is like calling a group of American housewives Mrs. Smiths. The Japanese housewives became a force in forex trading in the early 2000s due to the huge amount of capital they could leverage up to trade in the markets. The financial crisis may have shook out some of Japan’s retail forex trade, but the Japanese housewives are still an influential force in the forex market.

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