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Definition – What does Killer Trade mean?

A killer trade is a slang term that describes a very profitable trade. There is no universal measure that says what a killer trade is in forex. A killer trade also depends on the timeframe the trader is working in. For short term traders, a killer trade may be anything over 20 pips. For long term traders, that line may be at 50 pips or more.

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Every trader wants to make a killer trade that pays out a huge gain, but these killer trades usually come with comparable risks. Very few forex traders survive by making killer trade after killer trade. Instead, successful forex traders usually set lower profit targets and look to make smaller amounts consistently rather than one big profit. George Soros is an obvious exception, as his bet on the pound is one of the killer trades of all time, earning him $1 billion in a few days. However, it is worth remembering that Soros was working with millions of dollars in capital through his hedge fund.

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