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Definition – What does FTSE mean?

Footsie is a slang term for the FTSE 100 index. It consists of 100 blue chip stocks that trade on the London Stock Exchange. These 100 are selected according to their market capitalization and thus represent the biggest companies on the exchange. Footsie is a data point to consider when evaluating the strength of the British economy.

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Footsie is essentially a British version of the Dow. It is used to measure of the strength of the British economy, just like the Dow is the measure for the U.S. economy. The creation of Footsie mirrors that of the Dow as well. The Dow is tied to the Wall Street Journal and the New York Stock Exchange and Footsie was created by the Financial Times and the London Stock Exchange – resulting in the confusing title of Financial Times Stock Exchange even though it is actually an index.

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