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Forex Virtual Private Server (Forex VPS)

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Definition – What does Forex Virtual Private Server (Forex VPS) mean?

A forex virtual private server refers to a private server that contains a virtual machine that a trader can use to make trades and run algorithmic trading programs. The attraction of a Forex VPS is that it can run constantly and will not be prone to outages. A forex VPS may also allow a trader to run more programs simultaneously than would otherwise be possible.

ForexTerms explains Forex Virtual Private Server (Forex VPS)

A forex VPS can make sense for a program trader looking to scale up operations. For most beginners, however, the challenge is how to trade, not how to run 20 trading algorithms simultaneously, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. If you are having success running your trading by using expert advisors, then a forex VPS may help with risk management and scaling.

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