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Euro British Pound (EUR GBP)

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Definition – What does Euro British Pound (EUR GBP) mean?

The euro British pound (EUR GBP) is a currency pairing whereby the euro and the pound can be traded against each other. The EUR GBP can be thought of as the euro versus the pound – you short the euro and go long the pound or go long the euro and short the pound. The EUR GBP is one of the most traded currency pairs and also one of the most stable.

EUR GBP is also written as EUR/GBP.

ForexTerms explains Euro British Pound (EUR GBP)

The main European and British economies are heavily intertwined, so the EUR GBP pair tends to be stable as far as its range. Basically, large amounts of capital flow between the pound and the euro in the form of currency and investment on a daily basis and provide a volume cushion that keeps volatility relatively low. That said, the European sovereign debt crisis has shown that the EUR GBP can see sharp movement in the right economic environment.

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