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Australian Dollar U.S. Dollar (AUD USD)

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Definition – What does Australian Dollar U.S. Dollar (AUD USD) mean?

The Australian dollar U.S. dollar (AUD USD) is a currency pairing whereby the Australian dollar and the U.S. dollar can be traded against each other. The AUD USD can be thought of as the Aussie dollar versus the American dollar – when you short one, you are long the other and vice versa. The AUD USD is usually numbered among the ten most widely traded currency pairs. The AUD USD may also be written as AUD/USD.

ForexTerms explains Australian Dollar U.S. Dollar (AUD USD)

Much like the USD CAD, the AUD USD is often used as a commodity play. Australia has a robust mining sector and significant mineral resources that the country is developing. The U.S. also has mineral resources, but its economy is less resource focussed than Australia. The Reserve Bank of Australia is charged with watching over the AUD, just as the Federal Reserve watches over the USD.

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