Forex Terms

Forex dictionary and glossary - terms in forex market trading online. Understanding forex vocabulary will help you understanding about trading forex online


Definition – What does In the Intervention mean? Intervention is an action taken by a central bank designed to influence...

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Definition – What does In the Momentum mean? Momentum Definition. Momentum is a term used to describe the property the...

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Grid Trading

Definition - What does Grid Trading mean? Grid Trading is forex trading strategy, similar to scalping or a serial basis,...

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Definition - What does Yard mean? A yard is trading slang for 1 billion units of a particular currency. The...

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World Currency

Definition - What does World Currency mean? A world currency is a theoretical trade currency that would replace national currencies...

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Definition - What does Whipsaw mean? Whipsaw is a slang term for any sharp move in price action that is...

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Definition - What does Volume mean? Volume is a measure of the total value of a market move. Volume is...

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