1 Min Forex Scalping System

1 Min Forex Scalping System

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1 Min forex scalping system can be used on the EUR/USD, GBP/USD, GBP/JPY and AUD/USD. I am trading this system with success averaging 300 pips/month.

Chart Setup

  • 1 Min chart
  • Trading sessions: London and US Session


  • MACD with basic settings (12/26/9)
  • Stoch with setting (8/3/3)

Trading Rules

Long Entry

MACD>0 and Stoch indicator crosses from below 20 back above 20 ===> BUY

Short Entry

MACD>o and Stock indicators crosses from above 80 back below 80 ===> SELL

Stop Loss

  • Place stop loss below the most recent support or above the most recent resistance level.
  • Note: Avoid stops >10 pips, just skip the trade and wait a better setup.

Price Objective

Exit the trade for at least 15 pips or more.

1 Min Scalping Trading System Example

1 Min Forex Scalping System

The 1 Min EUR/USD chart shows a valid trading setup. MACD>0 and Stoch crosses back above 20. I bought the EUR/USD at 1.3311 with stop loss placed 1 pip below the most recent support at 1.3307 (that’s just 4 pips + 1 pip spread).

The 15 pip target was easily hit 7 minutes later at 1.3326. Risk-to-reward ratio was 1:3.