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Commodities Trading – What is That?

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Forex trading will not be separated from the influence of commodities. Since it is very important commodity forex trading, then you at least understand the commodity itself. If commodities have an impact on the currency, how to know an impact on the commodity market? Well here we are going to learn about commodities and how to understand the influence of the market on trading forex.

From antiquity to the present, the commodity has not changed. Commodities will always be needed to meet the daily needs. If there is no commodity, certainly chaos will happen.

Because it is so important, it needs to be understood so that no misunderstanding trader especially on this commodity. Unlike the forex market, commodity prices are also determined from on the market. So, commodities also traded as currency.


Looking further, according to wikipedia commodity is a real thing and can be sold or stored in a given time period. Commodities can also be exchanged for other commodities. Well, foreign faluta also referred to as commodity tablets, but the levels and different levels. In addition to forex, there are indexes or other financial instruments.

When in a broader sense, the commodity is a product that can be traded. If a trader wants to sell pure commodities can be traded on the Jakarta Stock Exchange. So the whole transaction will be grouped in the exchange and can be traded among traders therein.


As you saw earlier, that the commodity is a product that can be sold or purchased. But do not sell your neighbor’s … can hit punch later … at first only known commodity on the farm, such as commodity rice, beans, corn, and soybeans.

Along the development era, the phrase commodities not only focused on agriculture alone, but already covers all items that can be sold. Such goods mining, plantation, and animals.

For the most common is usually related to the mining of gold, iron, silver, and oil. While the plantation such as coffee, rubber, or oil palm. In animals can include chickens, cows, and other livestock. So very broad commodity relation to goods and products.

Why commodities have impact on the forex market? Of course, because the forex is a kind of currency that is automatically going to be used for a medium of exchange in the purchase of goods or commodity product.

For example, we want to buy beef from Australia, of course we would swap rupiah to the Australian dollar. Well, indirectly it will be a great impact on the forex market as commodities needed in large amounts by the exchange value of the currency.


Commodities are goods that can be traded. If you’re trading, the determining factor is the commodity. Without the commodity market does not have a strong enough power to do the movement.

Commodities is a key element in the drive market, as sales and purchases of commodities is determined by transactions involving currencies are interchangeable.

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