How The Economical Crisis Affects Forex

How The Economical Crisis Affects Forex

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In every crisis there is very interesting events, opening the gap of social status. I really mean, the rich and poor, and I do not mention the middle class; I place them in the methodology in the same bag as the poor. The poor are poorer and the rich are richer. But being rich is not about money, it is a matter of attitude.

The economic crisis we are experiencing stronger than ever these days not only affect our economy, but as always happens when the world is mobilized by an important fact, also our mental health at risk. Stress, depression, among other mental disorders is leading to the economic crisis raging for months to markets, and that affects our decisions every day. Therefore, we must understand that our emotions precede our attitudes, changing our thinking is a key fundamental.

You may think that a lot of rich attitude you may have is not enough, if you don’t have capital you’re out; you will not cross the line of a poor with aspirations. Investing in Forex is a real and effective solution. Doesn’t produce great opportunities the crisis in Forex? Perhaps this is one of its greatest attractions.

We are in crisis and this is no longer questioned anymore. Now we wonder what kind of crisis we are suffering. There is talk of a global crisis, or more chain-crisis, value crisis, environmental crisis, financial crisis, a crisis of production, economic crisis, real estate crisis, etc.

Most of us were resigned and think that the cycle of crisis will be about for two years as the experts say. Others look for opportunities. Every crisis creates an enormous opportunity for anyone who is willing to take the risk. We can stay looking as prices go up and how that affects our accounts or we can risk and pursue new business and investment by taking advantage of the bear market. This is what forex is creating, opportunities.

Does The Current Crisis Affect the Forex Market?

Yes, the fall of the stock market and the global financial crisis, affects forex as well. However, as speculation on world currencies we do in forex, there will always be currencies that are better than others. So, we trade the strongest by buying and sell the weakest.

When the Crisis is Over, Are People Going to Invest in Forex?

The blows that have suffered major economies of the world in recent months hurt those who do have an investment in forex. What happens is that the volatility in the markets provides an extreme sensitivity to any asset and the risk increases as the days pass.

If we are to make an investment in forex we must take into account that in this market, 80% of transactions are conducted with the so-called major currencies. These currencies are backed up by the strongest economies in the world providing the security that the investor needs.

The euro has become a safe trade currency, and this has led many countries to be saving or investing in that currency, even in many cases is to prefer the euro against the dollar. The dollar has depreciated against the euro, which is why many countries are investing in this currency.

This has also contributed to this phenomenon, the differential between the official rates of the major hard currencies and some of the country’s most affected by the crisis (United Kingdom). The United States on official rates are currently at 0.25%, 0.50% in the United Kingdom, 0.25% in Canada and 0.1% in Japan. All this contributes to a strong euro is continuing to act as a refuge.

The substantial difference between the two powers is that U.S. lowered their interest rates and the results were not expected, and in Europe they are reluctant to lower the cost of money to prevent the fall of the euro, although in recent days has suffered a slightly low rate cut.

The banks have followed the policy of the Fed for example the Bank of England who reduced its interest rate to protect the British economy from the global crisis. While the measure is too recent to be seen whether the British pound suffered a fall, so it continues to be a good option to invest in the forex market.

In these cases it is advisable to invest in the forex market, but betting on currencies that might not have a performance as profitable as the dollar, the euro or sterling, but they provide confidence to investors.

Diversifying is the key and foreign exchange is a good option to make such moves. The dollar is a currency that has devalued and one of the reasons is that oil had change in short range of time and that enhances competitiveness.

Anyone who invests in foreign currency should analyze what are the economies most affected by the global crisis, and from there, to deduce which are the currencies that are devalued, and which benefit from this situation.

Actually the current situation is not favorable for those with a negative attitude, but for those who see an opportunity where none exist are those that can grow. We can learn that in forex there is always an opportunity, but each investor must believe in it and see in detail where you can take advantage of every opportunity. Today the psychology of the operator is essential to survive.

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