Equity Market and the Foreign Currency Exchange Market

Connection between the Equity Market and the Foreign Currency Exchange Market

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Equity Market and the Foreign Currency Exchange Market

One of the places where high volumes of currency movements are observed is the equity market.

Thus, it has a significant impact on the value of currency exchange rates. The value of a currency will change whenever foreign investors transfer their money from one equity market to another. Such shifts are generally done in search of higher returns.

If an investor moves his/her assets from a foreign equity market to the domestic one, the demand for domestic currency will increase, which results in its higher price.

Foreign funds will be transferred to a particular country if this country experiences a rising equity market. This will be generally caused by the increased confidence in the performance of the equity market.

As a result foreign investors will have to sell their currency in order to acquire more of the local one for the purposes of financing their investments. This will push the price of the currency up as a result of the increased demand.

The decreased demand of the foreign currency in turn will lead to a decrease in its price.

On the other hand, if the equity market starts to deteriorate, foreign investors will retrieve their assets back into their countries. As a result they will sell the local currency in order to acquire more of their own currency.

This will lead to a decreased demand and a fall in the price of the local currency.

When foreign investors transfer their assets to their countries they will increase the demand of that country’s currency, which eventually leads to a rise in its price.

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