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Euro (EUR) Currency Traits

The Euro enjoys high liquidity. Additionally, all of the Euro crosses are characterized by great liquidity. The EUR/USD currency pair is the most liquid […]

Japanese Yen (JPY) Currency Traits

The Japanese yen (JPY) is used as a major gauge for the overall strength of the Asian economic conditions, since the Japanese […]

Major Forex Market Currencies

There are many currencies that are traded on the forex. However, the most traded currencies in the foreign exchange market […]

New Zealand’s Dollar (NZD) Traits

The NZD (New Zealand’s currency) is strongly related to the AUD. This correlation stems from the fact that Australia is the major […]

How to win in Forex market

Nowadays with the internet bubble at its strongest peak, there are several ways to win money online. One method to […]

Characteristics of a Good Market

Generally, investors have a variety of investment solutions to choose from. Some of them include stocks, bonds, US treasuries, foreign […]

Bank Rates

Central Banks Interest Rates Next
Federal Reserve FED 5.25% Jun 14
European Central Bank ECB 3.75% Jun 15
Bank of England BoE 4.50% Jun 22
Swiss National Bank SNB 1.50% Jun 22
Reserve Bank of New Zealand RBA 3.85% Jun 06
Bank of Canada BoC 4.75% Jul 12
Reserve Bank of New Zealand RBNZ 5.50% Jul 12
Bank of Japan BoJ -0.10% Jun 16