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When I was asked to write an article for Stock Futures & Options, my original thought was to cover some of the more useful technical analysis topics that are so crucial to charting the markets. But as I considered the bigger picture, I felt it should have less to do with technical analysis and more to do with some concepts that merely tie into the technical aspects. Though I will explore various types of stocks that people love to trade, various time frames that can be used, some methodologies and a few charts, I felt it was important to make an equal balance between personal trading behaviors and the technical side of the market in this article.
We all attempt to play the trading game “correctly,” either from buying breakouts, pullbacks or shorting the rallies, fading the gaps, or using our stochastic or MACD indicators and moving averages. That’s all fine and good, but the real question we need to ask ourselves is, do we play the RIGHT game? Does the style we use in our trading really fit our particular profile or personality?

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