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Synopsis E-book: The Dynamite Breakout 2

George Pruitt for Futures Magazine designed the original Dynamic Break Out system in 1996. This version has done well since it was released for public consumption in 1996. This version will be included in Appendix B. The newer version of the Dynamic Break Out is just like the original, except we have incorporated an additional adaptive filter. The key to the Dynamic Break Out II system is its ability to adapt its parameters to current market conditions. This system is based on the triedand-tested Donchian channel system. Remember how the Donchian system works; buy when the high of the day penetrates the highest high price of x bars back, and sell when the low of the day penetrates the lowest low of x bars back. If you optimize the number of bars to determine your best entry and exit levels, you will discover that different markets work better with different parameters.

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