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Short Term Traders

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Well, it’s been a long, bumpy and painful ride in the stock market, and a number of traders fell out of that vehicle back up the road. So, where are they? Did they switch to currencies or real estate? We can’t speak for all of them but a lot of the smart ones did switch…to the E-mini Indexes. That’s right, the E-mini Indexes. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange’s (CME) S&P and NASDAQ Eminis are the hottest thing going and for good reason, and the Chicago Board of Trade’s (CBT) newly hatched Dow E-mini is coming along nicely. Unmatched for consistent volatility and tops in liquidity, these incredible markets are “goldmines” for the trader looking for a real opportunity to trade profitably again.

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Short Term Traders pdf Short Term Traders pdf Short Term Traders pdf

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