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Synopsis E-book: Scalping Strategy 80%

What is scalping in Forex?
The scalping is an aggressive strategy, its goal is to achieve a high frequency trading on small time frames.
A position’s opening duration can range from several seconds to several minutes. Scalping means in Forex trading to target small and quick profits by opening several positions per a day.
Scalping the market is risky and you must pay attention to multiple variations. As your target profit range from 10 pips to 30 pips per a position you need, for example to enter the low spread pair of currency to protect yourself from losing. Scalping the market is good for traders that have small accounts without enough capital to invest in the long run. The objective of day traders is to make around 20 to 100 pips per a single trade by entering the medium time frames (5 minutes – 30 minutes – Daily…)

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Scalping Strategy 80% pdf Scalping Strategy 80% pdf Scalping Strategy 80% pdf

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