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Synopsis E-book: Rich Richer Richest with Forex

Mr. Kiran Kumar is the CEO of Forexveda India Limited, a Forex trader with an experience of more than 15 years in the Forex arena. A first generation businessman who has traveled to many countries, Mr. Kumar has been offering advisory services online to Forex traders around the world since 1998, the year his Forex career kicked off in Bangkok.

With an innate ability to attract clients even without meeting them, he possesses client bases in more than 50 countries with 99% of his clients who have never seen him. With a mantra of ‘test us before you trust us’ Mr. Kumar gives his clients the license to examine his fund management skills with an account of as low as $300. Discouraging people without risk capital in investing in forex, and not promising huge returns to clients are a distinct feature of his peculiar and honest trading approach. As he always makes himself available on instant messengers like yahoo messenger and Google talk for advisory purpose, hundreds of live traders benefit from his long term experience.

When it comes to repairing damaged accounts, he does it free of cost for his clients. His company also offers trade execution service where one can test other’s trade signals with its help. Besides, free access to trading page for a week, once in three months is provided to subscribers.

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