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Synopsis E-book: Not Squeezy Trading Manual

Using the Bollinger Squeeze to time your entry in today’s markets is one thing, but how do you know the direction in those quiet times, let’s have at how I use some indicators to help?
Before I get into what I do to try to take advantage of the insight into market timing that the Bollinger Squeeze indicator can provide, first I thought it best to explain where this system came from in the first place. When first trading the Forex markets, I did so with very little indicators, as, not coming from a mathematical, economical or trading background, the different coloured lines, histograms and arrows meant very little to me. I spent the first six months trading, what I learnt later was to be called, “naked”, i.e. without indicators. During these first six months I was at times disheartened, discouraging and disillusioned as I had nothing to put the blame on, no indicator to tweak thinking it was it’s fault, but in hindsight it was the best thing I could have done to get started on the right foot.

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Not Squeezy Trading Manual pdf Not Squeezy Trading Manual pdf Not Squeezy Trading Manual pdf

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