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Synopsis E-book: My Dog Ate My Forex

As I sit down to write this short book, I reflect upon 15 years of fascination with the markets. The last 10 have been studying the Foreign Currency (forex) market. The allure of making boat loads of money trading still grips me. Tales of hedge fund managers making hundreds of millions if not billions per year with gains of 500 to 1000% are hard to resist.

The harsh reality is that most of us traders lose our entire accounts many times. Very few of us ever understand why we continue to lose. Nor do we discover how to profit by changing our behavior just a little bit. If you’ve had the experience of losing all or most of your account trading forex, you’re in good company. The bad news is that it is our own fault we lose money trading. On numerous forums, I’ve read of traders complaining that their broker was hunting stops and somehow or another cheating them out of their money.

They are correct about one thing—the broker is taking our money! But, we are giving it to them. They do not have to cheat us out of it. Your dog (broker) certainly did not eat your trading account—you fed it to them! The good news is that there are some simple steps you can take that can help turn your failures into success!

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