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Synopsis E-book: Money Manager Strategy

An effective trading strategy is only part of a successfully trading plan. If you want your trading to perpetuate, you better have some form of money management built into your overall trading approach. Money management involves examining the concepts of risk and return in reference to investor preference.

The objective is to choose a desired rate of return and then minimize the risk associated with that rate of return. Money management concepts should be used to make the most efficient use of trading capital. We can’t emphasize enough the importance of using money management in a trading plan. The Money Manager strategy is a simple system that incorporates and demonstrates some simple money management concepts. The concepts we are presenting go beyond simple profit objectives or protective stops. These ideas fall within the realm of the underlying trading strategy. We go beyond this and move into the areas of capital allocation. The concepts that are presented in this strategy are based on capital preservation and market normalization. We all know what capital preservation is, but some may not understand the concept of market normalization.

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Money Manager Strategy pdf Money Manager Strategy pdf Money Manager Strategy pdf

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