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High Probability Trading Strategies

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Synopsis E-book: High Probability Trading Strategies

This book is unique. Unlike most trading books, it will teach you a complete trading plan from entry to exit. Not a few well-chosen examples of isolated trade setups and strategies, but exactly how to recognize optimal trade conditions, objective entry strategies with the exact entry and exit price, and how to manage the trade with stop-loss adjustments to the trade exit.
The majority of trading books focus on a few techniques and show a plethora of carefully chosen examples to support whatever is being taught. Some of the phrases often used are “You could have bought around here or taken profit around here”; “depending on whether you are a conservative or aggressive trader, you could do . . . (this or that)”; “markets usually fluctuate around the volatility band, which is a good place to buy or sell”; and lots more nonspecific statements.

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High Probability Trading pdf High Probability Trading pdf High Probability Trading pdf

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