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Synopsis E-book: 3D Trading

We search for a correction that is about to end. It makes sense because if we see a trend on a specific time frame than we are likely to be already too late to make an entry. Our objective is to enter the market at the end of a correction. Our prime target is the end of waves 2 or B.
We determine the most likely price zones for the end of the correction using our Square of 9, pattern, divergence & Elliott Wave analysis as well as price and time projection.
When price reaches those projected zones, we go to shorter time frames. We look to see if the pattern appears complete. We once again use the same projection techniques that we previously used. We base our analysis on all of our available tools. After we see that the pattern on the short time frame appears to be complete then we look at our oscillators for an entry.

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3D Trading pdf 3D Trading pdf 3D Trading pdf

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