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Exotic Options

What is an exotic option? Exotic options are options that do not have all the properties of conventional currency options. These […]

Currency Options

What is a Currency Option? A currency option is an agreement between two compensations whereby the buyer of the option […]

Currency SWAP

What is a Currency SWAP ? The currency swap is a dual exchange rate operation simultaneously, one spot, the other […]

Forward Exchange

What is a Forward Exchange ? The forward exchange is used in hedging by exporters or importers in the case of the […]

Correlations : Forex and Commodities

Other correlations : Correlations between Forex Currency pairs Correlations between Forex and Financial Markets Correlations between Forex and Commodities Correlation […]

Forex Volatility

What is volatility ? The volatility measures the risk. The risk is it a result of distribution of prices measured by […]

MetaTrader 4 Platform

When MetaTrader 4 (MT4) opens, that is the opening page. We will see the different features of the platform. Market Watch window […]

DOW’s Method

The Dow classic method wants us to take a long position each time a highest is overrun, with a stop […]

Gann’s Pyramid Trading Method

The gann’s pyramid is a basic of the trading, invented at the start of the last century. We could compare it to […]

Elliot waves theory

Introduction: it was during the thirties that Ralph Nelson Elliott shows that markets have cycles and that these cycles are rules by […]

Hedging Strategy

The hedging strategy consists to hedge against fluctuations of the exchange rate by taking two opposite positions of a same amount. […]

Carry Trades

The technical of carry trade is one of the most known and used in the world of finance. Most institutionals and […]

Trading the News

Earning dozen of pips in few minutes or even seconds … Without doubt this is the reason that made you […]

Money Management

The money management tells you maybe nothing but this technique is indispensable to any structured trading strategies. That still doesn’t talk to you, […]

Trading Methods

Scalping The scalping is the more aggressive way to trade. It consists to pass a multitude of orders in the day, sell or […]

Divergence Trading

What is a divergence? A divergence occurs when indicator moves in the opposite side of the price. So if the price […]


You certainly heard about the Fibonacci sequence, remember: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144 … […]

Japanese Candlesticks

Today, the use of Japanese candlesticks is the most used graphic representation. More readable, more relevant, the Japanese candlestick representation offers a real help […]

Chart Patterns

The different Chart Patterns : Chart patterns are at the basis of technical analysis. They are distinguished into three categories: Reversal […]

Bank Rates

Central Banks Interest Rates Next
Federal Reserve FED 5.25% Jun 14
European Central Bank ECB 3.75% Jun 15
Bank of England BoE 4.50% Jun 22
Swiss National Bank SNB 1.50% Jun 22
Reserve Bank of New Zealand RBA 3.85% Jun 06
Bank of Canada BoC 4.75% Jul 12
Reserve Bank of New Zealand RBNZ 5.50% Jul 12
Bank of Japan BoJ -0.10% Jun 16