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Forex Volatility

What is volatility ? The volatility measures the risk. The risk is it a result of distribution of prices measured by...

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Elliot waves theory

Introduction: it was during the thirties that Ralph Nelson Elliott shows that markets have cycles and that these cycles are rules by...

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Hedging Strategy

The hedging strategy consists to hedge against fluctuations of the exchange rate by taking two opposite positions of a same amount....

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Carry Trades

The technical of carry trade is one of the most known and used in the world of finance. Most institutionals and...

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Money Management

The money management tells you maybe nothing but this technique is indispensable to any structured trading strategies. That still doesn’t talk to you,...

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Trading Methods

Scalping The scalping is the more aggressive way to trade. It consists to pass a multitude of orders in the day, sell or...

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You certainly heard about the Fibonacci sequence, remember: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144 ......

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Japanese Candlesticks

Today, the use of Japanese candlesticks is the most used graphic representation. More readable, more relevant, the Japanese candlestick representation offers a real help...

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Chart Patterns

The different Chart Patterns : Chart patterns are at the basis of technical analysis. They are distinguished into three categories: Reversal...

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Moving Averages

What Moving Averages are? The moving averages are trend indicators. They have different timeframes, short-term, medium term and long term. As their name suggests...

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Pivot Points

What Pivot Points are? The pivot point is daily calculated. It identifies areas of resistances and supports. Although its calculation is mathematical, the pivot...

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