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No-Deposit Bonus from Trendo


  • Period: Jan – Dec 2024
  • Bonus: $10 No deposit bonus
  • Available to:New Clients
  • How to Get: Open a new account and verify it. Request the bonus from the client cabinet / automatically or request by email.
  • Withdrawal Terms: Bonus and profit can be withdrawn after trading 200 pips per week for one month. Maximum withdrawal is $200.

Get Bonus: ✓ Trendo – $10 Welcome Bonus

Trendo – $10 Welcome Bonus Detail:

A bonus account with a $10 welcome gift, will be activated for users who register for the first time in Trendo Forex Broker by registering points and reviews on Google Play or the App Store.

Trendo’s AI will review the Bonus activation, and the bonus account will automatically activate by the system if the bonus activation conditions are met, and users will not have the right to object to the bonus account deactivation.

Each user can use the welcome gift only once. Trendo Broker is entitled to withdraw the violating user’s bonus account at any time if a user tries to create a new account with different specifications to use the bonus account again.

Bonus Account Withdrawal Terms
By making the first transaction in the bonus account, either instant or conditional, users can trade in this account for one month.

If users can earn at least 200 pips per week in the bonus account, they can withdraw their profit or transfer it to the real account after one month.

The month calculation is four weeks and a few days left in the Gregorian calendar. Note that the trader must have earned the minimum weekly profit (200 pips) in the remaining few days (at the end of the month) in proportion to the number of days of the entire week.

In the bonus account, trading must be with only a 0.01 lot trading volume
If the trader stops his trade or trades within a month, he will not have the right to withdraw from the bonus account even if he has managed to earn a weekly profit.

The profit calculating process and checking the right to withdraw from the bonus account will be carried out by Trendo support one month from the first transaction done in the bonus account, and it is not possible to check within one month before that.

The maximum withdrawal from the bonus account is $200
Trendo Company is entitled to change the rules and regulations of the bonus account without prior notice. The information will be published through the Trendo Broker website in case of any changes to the conditions and rules.

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