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Forex Demo Contest from Darwinex

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  • Duration: 1 month
  • How to Participate: Register to the contest with live account (MT4 Account) and make a deposit.
  • How to Win: Make a profit with the highest profit in percent (%) or higher balance.
  • Withdrawal: Prize and profits are available for withdrawal.

Prize : Up to €5,000,000 for each contest

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Darwinex – DarwinIA | Live Contest Detail:

How are the € 7,500,000 AuM allocated?
You qualify for the maximum allocation according to your ranking – make sure you have enough equity in your account to receive the maximum!

I have won. When will I receive my allocation?
We assign you the notional during the first days of the month following the edition of the contest you have won.

How do performance fees work?
You receive 15% of the benefits generated by your DARWIN on the allocation during the following 6 months. We pay you every 3 months, according to the principle of high-water mark.

What is a high-water mark?
It’s the institutional method for calculating performance fees and guaranteeing investors that they only pay for returns incremental to their high-water mark in the strategy, reflecting performance in past quarters.

What are Darwinian Dividends?
On top of allocating capital, we pay top winners cash Darwinian Dividends every month.

Where do Darwinian Dividends come from?
They are funded by community data, which DarwinexLabs leverages with Community DARWINs. Like all DARWINs, Community DARWINs earn performance fees. Darwinex pays them out on merit via DarwinIA.

How are Darwinian Dividends distributed?
We pay Cash Darwinian Dividends in € 1,000 steps to the top 10 ranked, provided the cumulative “pot” includes EUR 10,000. Else we pay cash out by (descending 🙂 ranking.

Which DARWINS participate in the competition?
All DARWINs are automatically enrolled in DarwinIA if they meet the eligibility criteria.

How can I create my DARWIN?
When your live Darwinex account accumulates a minimum track-record. Trade on MT4 with another broker? Link that account onto Darwinex! We’ll import your track-record & you’ll enter DarwinIA in no time!

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