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Forex Live Contest from 1000X


  • Duration: 1 month
  • Available: Registered Client
  • How to Participate: Open a new live account. Confirm your participation through the email received and make a deposit with minimum amount.
  • How to Win: Make profit with the highest profit (%)

Join: ✓ 1000X Trading Championship | Live Contest

Prize: up to $20,000

1000X Trading Championship Detail:

1000X Trading Championship is a 1-year trading competition project held by 1000X
Limited with a reward of over $300,000.

The first round will begin on December 1, 2022, at 07:00 A.M. and end on December
31, 2022, at 07:00 A.M. [GMT+0]. The next rounds will begin on the first day of the
month and end on the last day of the month at the given time.

The rewards in the 1000X Trading Championship project total over $300,000.
The rewards are differentiated by the tiers and types of competitions as follows:

Rewards for the top 3

Standard Group

  • The Winner receives $1,500
  • The First Runner-Up receives $750
  • The Second Runner-Up receives $300

Advanced Group

  • The Winner receives $4,000
  • The First Runner-Up receives $2,000
  • The Second Runner-Up receives $1,000

Professional Group

  • The Winner receives $10,000
  • The First Runner-Up receives $5,000
  • The Second Runner-Up receives $2,500

There are 3 Criteria for the 1000X Trading Championship:

  • Profitabi lity – 60%
  • Drawdown Percentage – 30%
  • Follower Balance (Popular Leader) – 10%


  1. Competitors are the customers who have read and agreed to the conditions of
    the competition.
  2. The account used for competition must comply with the conditions determined by
    the company. No opening orders are allowed. If any opening order is found, your
    registration for the competition will be rejected.
  3. Registration for each round must be done in the period specified in the conditions
  4. Competitors will receive the rewards within 1-15 days. The rewards will be added
    to the balance in the competitors’ accounts.
  5. Before starting, the balance must reach the minimum requirements specified in
    the conditions of the group. If failing to meet the requirements, the competitor will
    be terminated from the competition.
  6. The competitors can open only ONE account for the competition and can register
    via only one IP address.
  7. The beginning and end of the competition are the time shown by the server
    within the trading program and the company’s website.
  8. The company reserves the right to use the competitors’ information to show the
    trading history, to allow other people access to the account via an investor
    password, and to publish the information on platforms for commercial purposes.
  9. There are only TWO trading pairs allowed, which are GOLD and BTC.
  10. Any orders traded with the Hedging technique and orders from the Social Trade
    System will not be considered points.
  11. The competitors must set the Leader status ‘Active’ and must generate investor
    links with no exceptions.
  12. Those competitors who deposit and receive a credit bonus must comply with the
    withdrawal conditions before carrying out the procedure.
  13. The company can refuse to provide bonus rewards and precedent top-up
    rewards at any time if the competitors fail to comply with the rules and
    malpractice regulations.
  14. If the company detects any suspicious activity aiming to win the competition,
    cheating, or document forgery, the company reserves the right to terminate the
    competitor from the competition, revoke the given rewards, and refuse the
    registration for the next round and further services.
  15. The company reserves the right to examine the winner’s trading history that went
    along and against other competitors. If the intention to do so partly or wholly is
    detected, the company can terminate those competitors because it can
    suspiciously be cheating or the account management from the same person.
  16. The competitors must comply with the trading conditions; open and close orders
    in the specified time. Failure to do so will result in a waiver.
  17. The account opened for this competition cannot carry out any transactions
    except depositing. If the competitors want to withdraw or transfer from the
    account, they must leave the competition.
  18. The competitors can leave the competition at any time.
  19. Those competitors who register on December 1, 2022, leave and reapply on
    December 15, 2022, the points will be collected from the latest round that the
    competitors join in.
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