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- Live Contest

Engage in exhilarating Forex live contests and demonstrate your trading prowess in real-time market conditions. Compete head-to-head against traders worldwide, leveraging your skills, strategies, and quick decision-making abilities to secure impressive rewards. Embrace the excitement of Forex live contests, push your limits, and seize the opportunity to achieve remarkable success. Join now to experience the thrill, refine your trading techniques, and embark on a path to triumph in the dynamic world of Forex trading.

AM Markets – Live tournament

Forex Live Contest from AM Markets Duration: One month for each stage. Registration: Follow the Schedule Available: All Client How […]

Tickmill – Trader of the Month

Forex Live Contest from Tickmill Duration: One month Available: All Client How to Participate: Complete registration in the client area, […]

Juno Markets – Top Trader Contest

Forex Live Contest from Juno Markets Duration: 2 weeks Registration: Follow the schedule Available: All Client How to Participate: Open […]

Bank Rates

Central Banks Interest Rates Next
Federal Reserve FED 5.25% Jun 14
European Central Bank ECB 3.75% Jun 15
Bank of England BoE 4.50% Jun 22
Swiss National Bank SNB 1.50% Jun 22
Reserve Bank of New Zealand RBA 3.85% Jun 06
Bank of Canada BoC 4.50% Jun 07
Reserve Bank of New Zealand RBNZ 5.50% Jul 12
Bank of Japan BoJ -0.10% Jun 16