Moneta Markets – 50% Deposit Bonus

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Deposit Bonus from broker MonetaMarkets


  • Period: Jan – Dec 2023
  • Bonus: 50% bonus deposits
  • Available: All Clients
  • How: Open a new account and verify it, make a deposit min. $500 and request the bonus
  • Withdrawal: Profit can be withdrawn. Bonus is available for trading purposes only
  • Link: MonetaMarkets – 50% Deposit Bonus

MonetaMarkets – 50% Deposit Bonus | Detail:

Clients must have a verified live trading account and make a single deposit of at least $500 (account base currency) to qualify in this offer.
● Eligible clients can enter this promotion through the Moneta Markets Client Portal by selecting “deposit bonus” reading and agreeing to the Terms & Conditions, depositing a minimum of $500 (account base currency) and then completing the opt-in form.
● This offer can be redeemed more than once.
● Clients of IBs are not eligible for referral or bonus credits.
● The transfer of trading credit between trading accounts is prohibited. In the event that a client transfers his balance which is inclusive of any trading credit to another account, Moneta Markets reserves the right to deduct any losses to credit incurred from the account balance, or deduct such loss from any future withdrawal.
● The 50% bonus credit amount will be credited to your account up to 5 business days after the deposit is received and verified by our team. Internal transfers, balance or cash adjustments, IB/Affiliate rebates or commissions of any kind will not be considered new deposits and will not be considered for this offer.
● Bonus credit amounts cannot be withdrawn. Profits made will be reflected in your Account Value. Similarly, any losses made will be deducted from your real, deposited trading account funds, followed by your trading credit.
● Credit amounts of $10,000 or above may be subject to leverage restrictions at our discretion.
● You may withdraw from your original deposit at any time – however, if you opt to withdraw, your trading credit will also be removed from your account accordingly. If part of your original deposit is withdrawn, your bonus will be removed on a pro rata basis, therefore a partial or full trading credit removal will take place.
● If your account equity is less than the trading credit on your account, the remaining credit may be withdrawn at our discretion, which could in turn force a stop out of all open positions on your account.
● This program can be retracted at any time of Moneta Markets’ choosing and account eligibility will be subject to our discretion.
● Clients who reside in, or are citizens of Pakistan are not eligible to participate in this promotion.
● Moneta Markets reserves the right to withdraw at our discretion any applied credits if a participant is found to be abusing the program or trading in a manner other than genuine. Abuse of the deposit bonus through activities including but not limited to trading volatile events with unusually high positions sizes and other high-risk trading practices will result in the immediate suspension of your eligibility to participate in this offer and the subsequent cancellation of resulting profits (if any) and any remaining bonus amount.
● At the time the any subsequent deposits, the total accrued bonus amounts cannot exceed the amount of the total deposited account balance.

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