MogaFX – Deposit Bonus Up to 15%

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Deposit Bonus from broker MogaFX


Period: Jan – Dec 2023


  • Deposit min. $100 – $2,500 get 10% bonus
  • Deposit min. $2,501 – $5,000 get 15% bonus

Available: New Clients

How: Open a new account and verify it, make a deposit min. $100 and request the bonus

Withdrawal: Bonus can be withdrawn after trade 1.4 lot for each $10 bonus. Profit can be withdrawn anytime.

Link: MogaFX – Deposit Bonus Up to 15%

MogaFX – Deposit Bonus Up to 15% | Detail:

After clients makes deposit and complete required lots, up to 15% deposit bonus would be rewarded. The bonus rewarded will be based on the actual amount received in the client’s MT4 account. To turn Bonus to Cash, the correspondent trading volumes are required as below.

Deposit Amount $100-2,500 $2,501-5,000
Bonus Rewarded 10% 15%
Required Lots of Bonus (%) 14% 16%

Example 1

Deposit Amount: $1,000; Bonus Rewarded: 10%; Required lots of Bonus: 14%
Bonus: $1,000*10% = $100
Required traded volume: $100*14%=14 lots
Once 14 lots are completed, $100 Cash will be rewarded.

Example 2

Deposit Amount: $4,000; Bonus Rewarded: 15%; Required lots of Bonus: 16%
Bonus: $4,000*15% = $600
Required traded volume: $600*16%=96 lots
Once 96 lots are completed, $600 Cash will be rewarded.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Bonus Rewarded Time: The bonus rewarded won’t be displayed in the MT4 account right away after the client make deposits. Instead, the bonus will be rewarded all at once after 60-calendar-day is due, client has to apply for the bonus and the system conducts calculation and the requirements of bonus are confirmed.
  • Orders that are not counted for bonus:
    • Hedging orders (1 buy and 1 sell) will be considered only 1 orders, not 2 orders.
    • An order will not be counted if it remains active for less than 10 minutes.
  • At the time you make a deposit for obtaining the bonus, if there are subsequent deposits made after this deposit or there is balance in the account already, required trading volume for obtaining the bonus shall be calculated on the pro-rated basis in accordance with the equity or deposit amount in the account.
  • The Bonus would be disqualified if:
    • The account net deposit drops below the original initial deposit used for the bonus promotion.
    • In the duration of the bonus calculation, if the account balance falls below $50 USD.
    • While fraud is involved.
    • While the bonus was not claimed by the client within a month after reaching the requirement.
  • This bonus promotion is limited to Forex trading only, not applied to CFD trades.
  • This promotion is only available for or Standard account, not applied to ECN, MAM or PAMM accounts.
  • This promotion is not valid for intra-account transfer.
  • This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other promotion(s) of MOGA.
  • Trading Lot Requirement Calculation Period: The volume of closed trades within 60 calendar days starting from the deposit date.
  • Promotion Period: The Bonus is rewarded to one deposit every three months.
  • MOGA reserves the right of final interpretation for the Bonus in this promotion.
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