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Deposit Bonus from broker “AETOS”


  • Period: Oct 2023 – Jan 2024
  • Bonus: Depending your deposit amount
  • Available: New Clients
  • How: Open a new account and verify it, make a deposit minimum $10,000 and request the bonus
  • Withdrawal: Bonus can be withdrawn after trade some lots before 7 months after receiving the bonus. Profit can be withdrawn anytime.
  • Link: ✓ AETOS – Welcome Bonus

AETOS – Welcome Bonus Detail:

1. Redeemable Bonus:
The Bonus will be put into the client’s account as Trading Credits upon meeting the deposit criteria and could be redeemed as CASH BONUS once the corresponded level of trading volume requirements has been achieved.

  1. The Redeemable Bonus will be put into Eligible account as trading credits within two working days after the deposits criteria met the date.
  2. The Redeemable Bonus will become redeemable if Eligible Accounts Holders met the corresponded trading volume requirements within 7 months after the account activation date. The trading credits could be redeemed as cash bonus or withdrawals.
  3. On the contrary, the trading credits will be cancelled if the Eligible Account Holders fail to meet the trading volume requirements within 7 months from the account activation date. However, to protect the best interest of AETOS Clients, AETOS will take reasonable steps to measure if the Eligible Account meets any lower level of criteria or requirement, to redeem the next best available bonus.
  4. If the client makes a withdrawal or internal transfer during the promotion period, the redeemable bonus will be cancelled or deducted if the remaining deposits CAN NOT meet the Deposits Criteria or meet a lower level of the Deposits Criteria.
  5. Client may also choose to send an email to for early redemption if the Eligible Account has met the lower level of the trading volume requirements. The client at their own choice to accept a lower redemption amount as CASH BONUS and forgo the remaining redeemable bonus.
  6. This promotion may be used in conjunction with other promotional offers only if the second promotional offer is not one where credits/bonus is offered. Such credits/bonus type promotions are limited to one-time only for each account holder. Ensure you have read the Terms and Conditions before you decide to join an AETOS promotion.
  7. The bonus is to be considered as a personal offer, based on specific terms, and may not be transferred from one account to the other.

7. Trading Volume Requirements:

  • The Trading Volume is calculated as per closed trade.
  • The trading volume requirements require Eligible Account Holders to meet within 7 months period since the account activation date.
  • The 13 levels of Trading Volume Requirements correspond with each level of Deposit Criteria and Redeemable Bonus.
  • The trading volumes is calculated for Eligible Account only.
  • Share CFDs and Cryptocurrency CFDs will be excluded from trading volume calculation.
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