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Deposit Bonus from broker AccuIndex

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  • Period: Jan – Dec 2023
  • Bonus: 25% bonus deposit up to $25,000
  • Available: All Clients with verify account
  • How: Open and verify your account and make deposit min. $1000 and request the bonus.
  • Withdrawal: Bonus can be withdrawn after trading 1 lot for each $10 bonus

Get Bonus: AccuIndex – 25% Bonus Deposit

Terms and Conditions

  1. The (Bonus 30% Offer) will be applied on every deposit equal to or above USD $100 for the relevant Trading Account, for example, if a client deposits USD $100, he will be granted USD $30 as a (Bonus 30% Offer) to be credited to his trading account.
  2. The (Bonus 30% Offer) can only be granted to one account per Client.
  3. The maximum total (Bonus 30% Offer) that can be granted is USD $3000 per Client.
  4. The (Bonus 30% Offer) cannot be withdrawn under any circumstances.
  5. This (Bonus 30% Offer) is a losable bonus, in case of losing the entire amount in the client trading account, including the value of bonus added.
  6. The (Bonus 30% Offer) is subject to cancelation if the client makes any withdrawal or internal transfer transaction from the bonus account to other accounts during the bonus period.
  7. The granted (Bonus 30% Offer) will be available for trading and valid for 60 calendar days from the date of the first granted bonus. After 60 calendar days from the Bonus received date, all granted bonusses for all deposits will be removed from all benefited accounts, regardless of when
    the bonus was added, which consequently may result in a margin call or stop out, therefore, the client must ensure that there is sufficient equity in the trading account.
  8. Clients will be notified of the ending date of the (Bonus 30% Offer) by email, trading system messages, or by Announcing on the Company’s website 1 month prior to the Bonus offer ending date.
  9. No more (Bonus 30% Offer) will be granted for any deposits after the ending date regardless of whether the cap is reached or not.
  10. Clients cannot switch between bonus programs offered by the Company.
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