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Forex Demo Contest from Eightcap

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  • Duration: 2 weeks
  • How to Participate: Register to the contest with demo account
  • How to Win: Make a profit with the highest profit in percent (%)
  • Withdrawal: Prize can be withdrawn. Profit can be withdrawn anytime

Join: Eightcap – Traders Summit | Demo Contest

Eightcap – Traders Summit | Detail:

1. To be eligible for this promotion, Selected Clients must:

  1. open or hold a Standard or Raw live trading account (Account) with Eightcap during the Registration Period;
  2.  register for a Competition Demo Account via the Competition Portal; and
  3. have been referred to Eightcap via the Traders Summit promotional link.

2. This promotion is not available to residents of Australia, the U.S., or any other jurisdiction where such promotion would be prohibited or restricted by law or regulation.

3. Clients who meet the eligibility criteria will be automatically entered into the Competition.

4. Competition rankings are determined by the client who generates the greatest return during the Competition Period on their demo account.

5. Prize amounts are as below:

  • 1st Prize: $1000 USD
  • 2nd Prize: $750 USD
  • 3rd Prize: $500 USD
  • 4th Prize: $250 USD
  • 5th Prize: $100 USD

6. All prizes will be deposited directly into the trading account of each respective winner as cash, and can be freely withdrawn.

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