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Forex Demo Contest from Dukascopy

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  • Duration: Monthly (fromt 25th day of the month)
  • How to Participate: Register to the contest with demo account
  • How to Win: Make a profit with the highest profit in percent (%) or higher balance
  • Withdrawal: Prize can be withdrawn after trade some lots. Profit can be withdrawn anytime.

Join: Dukascopy – Strategy | Demo Contest


1st = $5,000 6th = $1,000
2nd = $2,500 7th = $500
3rd = $2,500 8th = $500
4th = $1,000 9th = $500
5th = $1,000 10th =$500
Dukascopy – Strategy | Demo Contest Detail:
  1. Contest accounts are registered with an initial deposit of USD 100 000.
  2. Unless specified otherwise, terms and conditions commonly applicable to trading via Dukascopy at the time of the Contest shall also apply to trading within the framework of the Contest (for information purposes only, as of September 1st 2015 those include: 52 currency pairs available for trading, account leverage 1:100, minimal size of one trade 1000, margin cut level of exposure 200%, end-of-week leverage (1:30) each Friday at 18:00 GMT).
  3. Participant uploads the strategy source file to the remote server on the profile page. The remote server will compile the source file, start the strategy and keep it running during the contest month. The strategy will not be submitted to the remote server if the compilation fails.
  4. Participants acknowledge and agree that Dukascopy is not liable in case of any malfunctions, exceptions, programming bugs of the strategy and that increased CPU and memory usage will result in termination of the strategy.
  5. Trading requirements to the positions are as follows:
    1. The total amount of positions opened during the Contest must be at least 20.
    2. The maximum amount of simultaneously opened positions is 1. Any further requests to open a new position will be rejected by the platform.
    3. Any profitable trades executed with a similar time and price but with different directions within two or more Contest accounts will be cancelled. These trades will be removed even if the Contest accounts are registered with different names and IP addresses. If the percentage of suspicious trades is considered high, it may result in a disqualification of the relevant Participants.
    4. Dukascopy reserves the right to cancel any trade which is made with a purpose to circumvent the Contest rules or to evade a particular rule with an intention to get an unfair advantage over other Participants.
  6. Multiple order resubmissions are strongly prohibited and might result in disqualification. The trading script of the strategy must include the validation on free margin and amount of simultaneously opened positions.
  7. Margin call trades incurred due to overexposure on a Contest account (e.g. use of more 200% leverage) will result in automatic liquidation of all existing open positions.
  8. At the end of the contest all open positions will be automatically liquidated.

More information go to Contest Rules

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