XM Brings Technology to Vietnam Highlands School

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In a heartwarming collaboration with the Nuôi Em project on December 20, 2023, XM sparked a tech revolution in the Vietnam’s highland region. By donating 15 computers, we bridged the technology gap for students in Son La, Vietnam.

During our visit to Chieng Chung school, we engaged with the principal and teachers to better understand the unique challenges faced by students in the area.

Our team also actively empowered the students, teaching them computer basics and offering hands-on experience with the new equipment.

Nuôi Em optimally supports underprivileged children by identifying those in remote, disadvantaged regions of Vietnam and developing impactful projects. These projects include providing meals, building computer labs, schools, bridges, adopting children, and other charitable efforts. Their goal is to uplift impoverished communities through targeted aid.

XM Brings Technology to Vietnam Highlands School

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