Bex500 - $15 No-Deposit

No-Deposit Bonus from Bex500

Period: Jan - Dec 2023

Bonus: $15 No deposit bonus

Available to: New Clients

How to Get: Download and Install Bex500 app. Give rate and leave a good comment. Email a screenshoot to get a bonus.

Withdrawal Terms: Only profit can be withdrawn after 5 days of opening an account. Maximum withdrawal is $50.

Get Bonus: ✓ Bex500 - $15 No-Deposit

Bex500 - $15 No-Deposit Detail:
Terms and Conditions By participating in our $15 Bonus event, you are hereby accepting all of our terms and conditions.
  1. $15 bonus will be valid for 5 days from the date when you claimed the bonus. The profit (maximum $50) can only be withdrawn if the trading volume within 5 days is greater than or equal to 5 BTC (opening and closing positions are calculated as one trade). After 5 days, the bonus will be cleared automatically. Any positions held with the bonus will also be closed. For example: We will send the bonus to your Bex500 account at (GMT+8) 10:00 AM on January 5, 2022, then the bonus and the profit that does not meet the withdrawal conditions will be cleared at (GMT+8) 10:00 AM on January 10, 2022.
  2. The $15 bonus can only be used to trade BTC perpetual contracts.
  3. If the trading volume meets the requirement within 5 days, please contact us in to withdraw profits made with the bonus.
  4. Please note that the $15 bonus in "credit" column will be cleared when the withdrawal is made.
  5. For malicious or cheating behaviors, Bex500 has the right to deduct the bonus and block the account. Bex500 also reserves the right to final interpretation of this activity.

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Bonus will automaticly credit in your MT5 account when you are deposit. No limits. You can start anytime, all account with no minimum deposit....
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