7Bforex – No Deposit Bonus

No-Deposit Bonus from

Period: Jan - Dec 2023

Bonus: 10,000 NGN no deposit

Available to: New Clients

How to Get: Open a new account and verify in client cabinet. You can request the bonus from client cabinet / automatically.

Withdrawal Terms: Only profit can be withdrawn.

Get Bonus: 7Bforex – No Deposit Bonus

7Bforex – No Deposit Bonus Aggrement:

The use of bonus and gift funds and participation in tournaments and other Company promotions.

  1. Bonus funds are awarded by the 7Bforex to the Client's trading account.
  2. The amount of the bonus depends on the size of the Client's deposit, or on the conditions of the promotion under which the Client is awarded the bonus funds.
  3. The Client can receive bonus funds from a particular promotion only once, unless otherwise specified in the conditions of the promotion.
  4. The bonus funds credited to the Client's trading account are not the financial obligation of the 7Bforex to the Client.
  5. Bonus funds in the Client's trading account are available for withdrawal only after the Client has achieved the mandatory amount of trading turnover in their account.(Subject to conditions of the Promotions or Bonus Offer).
  6. Bonus offers may have limitations on the amount of withdrawals. .( Subject to conditions of the Promotions or Bonus Offer).
  7. Bonus offers may be limited in duration. Subject to conditions of the Promotions or Bonus Offer).
  8. Transactions with the result of "no income" (if the strike price of the asset is equal to the expiration price) are not counted towards the calculation of the mandatory trading turnover achieved by the Client.
  9. The rejection or cancellation of a bonus is only possible in the absence of any trading activity on the account since the moment the bonus funds were awarded. (Subject to conditions of the Promotions or Bonus Offer).
  10. At the end of the validity period of the promotion under the conditions of which the bonus was awarded, it can be withdrawn from the Client's trading account. (Subject to conditions of the Promotions or Bonus Offer).
  11. The bonus is reset to zero if the Client's trading account balance falls below the minimum amount of a transaction. (Subject to conditions of the Promotions or Bonus Offer).
  12. The Client has the right to participate in any promotion or tournament held by the 7Bforex that is available to him or her. The Client must independently familiarize him or herself with the terms of the promotion or tournament on the 7Bforex's website.
  13. Monetary funds received by the Client from the 7Bforex as a prize for participation in a tournament are credited to his or her real account, unless otherwise indicated in the tournament conditions.
  14. In cases where the 7Bforex's compliance team suspects the Client of fraudulent activities performed in order to win a tournament or promotion during the period of participation in the tournament or promotion, the 7Bforex has the right to review or nullify the Client's participation results in that tournament or promotion.

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